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Pro Audio Loudspeakers Designed with Innovative Heat Dissipation Technology

Jorge Serrano, the Director of R&D at Acustica Beyma in Valencia, Spain, discusses the innovation that has gone into developing the Maltcross technology for heat dissipation in Beyma professional loudspeakers

The Maltcross cooling technology that we deliver to the professional audio market through their speakers brings together several solutions to meet their goal; one side allows the woofer to handle bigger rates of power with a given coil diameter. This allows for Beyma to think of smaller coil designs with smaller motor structure, reducing the weight but increasing the sensitivity and also keeping an adequate power handling figure for a target application, maintaining a total SPL finally that may be equivalent to a bigger size motor structure driver.

A very interesting podcast that addresses solving key problems in pro loudspeaker design.

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Biologically Inspired Audio Processing Technology Developed From Hearing Science

Mimi Hearing Technologies CEO Philipp Skribanowitz discusses their innovative signal processing technology.

Mimi is the world’s leading provider of hearing-based audio personalization. Because we all hear differently, Mimi’s team of in-house hearing scientists developed its biologically-inspired and proprietary audio processing technology, that knows how well a user hears in order to personalize their listening experience. It is based on years of research and informed by the results of over 1.5 million Mimi hearing tests. Along with its award-winning technology, Mimi can also claim to have created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles. Mimi can be easily integrated into consumer electronics devices, such as headphones, smartphones, TVs, in-flight entertainment systems, and a range of systems and platforms.

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ICEpower Premium Class D Amplifiers for Audio Applications at Competitive Prices

Mads Emil Solgaard, the head of sales & marketing at ICEpower in Copenhagen, goes deep explaining his company’s history and how they navigate the ultra-competitive electronics industry.

ICEpower is a supplier of superior audio solutions based on world-class technologies and competencies within class D amplifiers, switch-mode power supplies, digital signal processing, and system design. They have a special balance of premium performance products, high brand equity, and competitive pricing.

They offer Intelligent, Compact, Efficient and Powerful solutions in the form of:

Audio IC’s
Integrated circuits for audio class D amplifiers
Amplifier Power Modules
Plug-and-play amplifier power modules for a wide range of audio applications
Turnkey Solutions
Including box builds, speaker backplates, and custom-designed modules
Audio Software
ICEsound – embedded audio solutions for mobile products

We discuss all these topics in a very in-depth discussion that demonstrates ICEpowers’ special balance of a premium performance product, with high brand equity, and competitive pricing.

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Sonarworks Sound Calibration Tech for an Individually Perfected Sound Experience

Jānis Spoģis, Partner & VP of Business Development at Sonarworks, explains why they are the globally leading sound calibration company in the audio recording industry. Their products are relied upon by more than 70,000 recording studios worldwide, including 40+ Grammy winners who enjoy and endorse Sonarworks.

Sonarworks technology and products have received multiple awards both in pro audio as well as consumer markets, including Product of the Year by Sound on Sound and Best of CES by iPhone Life magazine.

They are on a mission to deliver listeners the individually perfected sound experience – the sound as heard in the recording studio that one can personalize for hearing or taste. And that is regardless of the device used – be it headphones, speakers, or car stereo.

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Addionics Innovation in Battery Physics Higher Energy Density, Lower Charging Time

Gilad Fisher, Director of Business Development & Marketing at Addionics, joins to discuss Addionics and their exciting technology.

Addionics from Tel Aviv has developed the next generation of energy storage by focusing on battery physics and enabling higher energy density, lower charging time, and improved heat safety, with the largest markets in mind. With every device going portable and global priority on renewable energy, Addionics is definitely a company to watch as they develop their technology for the market.

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Kastus Permanent Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Coating for Glass Touch Screens

Darragh O’Connor, VP Global Marketing, discusses Kastus’ coating technology for glass touch screens that will impact most devices.

Darragh explains that Kastus’ coating technology is independently proven to block up to 99.99% of surface bacteria and is also now confirmed to be effective against human Coronavirus on treated surfaces. The patented Kastus® Antimicrobial & Antiviral Surface Coating Technology offers enhanced 24/7 screen protection, helping to protect the screens and devices we use every day.

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Summit Wireless Audio Tech for Smart Devices; Next Generation Home Cinema and Gaming

James Cheng, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA), joins us to discuss their position as a leading provider of immersive, wireless sound technology for intelligent devices and next-generation home entertainment systems.

James explains the position of Summit as the lead technology supplier to the WiSA Association that has 60+ member brands implementing worldwide standards for high definition, multi-channel, low latency audio using their WiSA global interoperability standard.

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Valencell World’s Leading Biometric Sensors for Hearables and Hearing Aids

Ryan Kraudel, VP of Marketing at Valencell, talks to us about their biometric sensors as they apply to audio devices such as hearables and hearing aids.

Ryan explains how the Valencell biometric sensors work and how they are used in millions of consumer wearables, medical devices, and digital health solutions around the world today.

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Vesper CEO Discusses Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones for Mobiles, Headphones and IoT

Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper of Boston, Massachusetts explains how Vesper uses piezoelectric materials to create the most reliable and advanced MEMS microphones on the market. This is a major leap over the capacitive MEMS microphones.

Matt Crowley explains how Vesper’s piezoelectric MEMS microphone works differently than traditional MEMS mics and the benefits in terms of performance and power that they bring to the market. A very engaging podcast for those developing ANC headphones as well as battery-powered devices with always-on-voice detection technologies.

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Azoteq Touch Controller Solutions for Headphones Including Wear and Dock Detection

Jean Viljoen the VP of Marketing of Azoteq joins us today. Azoteq is a fabless semiconductor company from South Africa that specializes in controller IC’s and solutions for touch and swipe, wear detection, waterproof induction, and docking detection. These technologies are heavily deployed in headphones, hearables, and wearables and this discussion explores the technology and the applications in these product categories.

Jean has been with Azoteq since 2000 and he was one of the key architects that created the ProxSense® product line. With a background in engineering and now in a marketing role, Jean provides a detailed explanation of the technology and how to deploy in audio products. A very interesting discussion so please enjoy the podcast.

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Knowles – MEMS Microphoness Designed for ANC Applications in Headphones

Erik Wiederholtz, Audio Development Engineer, at Knowles in Chicago, talks to us about MEMS microphones and in detail about their design for ANC headphone applications.

Erik is a 10 year veteran of Knowles and in his words, “I never thought that I’d know so much about MEMS microphones.” Check out this podcast where Erik goes deep on the topic. Very interesting stuff for everyone developing ANC headphones.

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Emporia – Audio Performance in Mobile Phones / Senior Phones / Hearing Assistance

Harald Obereder, the General Manager of Emporia Mobile in Shenzhen, talks to us about audio systems in feature and smartphones and specifically, issues with audio for seniors or hearing impaired in these devices.

Harald has been engineering and manufacturing mobile phones in Shenzhen for 13+ years and he has witnessed the transformation of vertical integration into outsourcing. A very interesting discussion on the topic of building mobile phones from someone who literally has done it all.

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Tectonic Audio Labs BMR Speakers and Off-Ear Gaming Drivers Ultimate Gaming Speaker

Tim Whitwell, the VP Engineering at Tectonic Audio Labs, talks to us about the balanced mode radiator (BMR) which is a unique take on the audio speaker.

Tectonic creates sound in a new way, using bending wave technology to provide an immersive sound experience that is highly tolerant of difficult environments. Tectonic loudspeakers use composite panel technology instead of the traditional cone diaphragm.

The device looks similar to other speakers from a distance but the performance is remarkably different. The BMRs create new possibilities in system design and acoustic benefits not possible with other speaker technology.

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SPEAR Labs Ultra-Premium In Ear Monitors IEMs Made From the Highest Grade Materials

Dale Lott, CEO of Spear Labs, joins to talk about designing and building premium in-ear monitors (IEMs) in the USA

Spear Labs, which stands for Special Products for the EAR, was founded when Dale Lott was dissatisfied with the trend in high-end IEMs. The market was cramming more and more drivers into plastic shells, resulting in phase issues, raspy highs, and distortion. With a breakthrough three-stage design that harnesses the natural resonance of three rare materials, we unlocked a unique harmonious sound signature that’s stunningly musical.

The materials, effort, and engineering that goes into the Spear Labs IEMs is truly remarkable.

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Tempow OS – The Ultimate Bluetooth Solution for Audio Devices

Vincent Nallatamby, CEO of Tempow, joins to discuss the Tempow OS for BlueTooth devices.

Tempow is a French startup that secretly powers the most amazing audio devices so Vincent fills us in on how they approach BT differently. Tempow considers the Bluetooth protocol to be an open field, with unlimited possibilities. They clearly have a deep understanding of the Bluetooth technology and have the technical capabilities to push the limits of the BT protocol.

Tempow OS can work with all hardware manufacturers: smartphones, TVs, set-top-boxes, laptops, tablets, cars, speakers, headphones.

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Linkplay – Alexa! Ok Google! Hey Siri – How’s It Work? Voice Assistant Technology
Steve Willenborg, VP Sales of Linkplay Technologies, joins Simon and Dave to discuss the different applications of Linkplay’s voice assistant technology. Topics include different applications of the voice assistants in consumer, medical, and automotive.
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Rohacell – Is It the Best Speaker Cone Material? Clarasonic Thailand
Nick Huffman, CEO of Clarasonic, talks about his factory in Thailand that specializes in the production of Rohacell based speaker diaphragms. Clarasonic also makes carbon fibre, glass fibre, kevlar, and other composite based cones. In addition, natural fibres such a hemp both woven and un-woven are available.
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JackSavior – the World’s Smallest and Strongest Audio Jack
Bouwy Van Sambeek explains the reasons behind JackSavior’s cable jack technology and how they have been bringing the technology to market. A premium cable jack that has big applications in broadcast and pro audio. Already available directly for guitars.
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Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Drivers With Application in Near Field Speakers
Philip Richardson discusses Air Motion Transformers (AMT) technology and how they work differently from standard tweeters.
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Discussion on Tube Amplifiers in Audio and How They Work
Audio engineering pro Colin Ward joins to discuss tube amplifiers and why they rock.
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Magnet Nerds – Ceramic Versus Neodymium Magnets
Talking about different magnets used in speaker designs.
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Battery and Power Issues in Portable Audio Devices
Talking about battery and power issues and the different factors/technologies that impact the performance.
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Reading a Frequency Response Curve in Headphones and Earbuds
Talking about the frequency response curve and what to look for with insert and over-ear headphones.
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LSR Headphone/Earbud Speaker Drivers from VM Sound
Talking about LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) headphone drivers from VM Sound. What makes them different from conventional headphone speakers, how they are assembled different, and what advantages they bring to headphones and earbuds.
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How to Read an ANC Curve – with Dave Lindberg and Simon Weston

How to read an active noise cancelling (ANC) curve on a headphone test system.  What to look for on the ANC measurement curves from an R&D, product sourcing, benchmarking, and other roles in the audio manufacturing supply chain.