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The Total Harmonic Discussion Podcast is a discussion on audio, headphone, and other technologies, and the people who bring the technology to market.


Harman Headphone Target Curve Finds Preferred Sound for Most Listeners Using Blind Study

In episode 99, Dr Sean Olive from Harman International joins to explain the background and the rationale behind the Harman Headphone Target Curve. Some fascinating discussions on the evolution and some of the test procedures using scientific controls to produce a statistically significant study. Ultimately, it produces a line of fit between the listening experience and the frequency response to give headphone developers a target curve that satisfies most users.

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Episode 98

Absolute Audio Labs SW Enhance Speech Intelligibility + Perception of Music in Hearing Aids

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Episode 97

HBK Do Physical Domain Acoustic Metrics Translate Well to Human Perception?

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Episode 96

Elevear Audio Algorithms Occlusion Effect Cancellation, Idle Noise Reduction, Edge Spatial

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Episode 95

B&K 5128 HATS Simulator with their new 4620 Coupler Improve Upon the 711 Coupler Standard

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Episode 94

Echosonic – Bringing Edge Computing to MEMS Microphones for Efficiencies, Power Saving and Speed

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Episode 93

Audio Precision – APx516B Analyzer Quality Meets Affordability in Analog & Digital Audio Test